LASIX 12Tabs [40mg / Tab] - AVENTIS
LASIX 12Tabs [40mg / Tab] - AVENTIS
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Get LASIX 12Tabs [40mg / Tab] - AVENTIS
Box of 12Tabs , 40mg / tabs. Total 480mg Lasix

Furosemide, sold under the popular Lasix brand, does not belong to the anabolic steroid family. It is a loop diuretic primarily for the treatment of hypertension or congestive heart failure. This compound has also found its place in the world of sport. In fact, the idea behind Lasix is simple: it will help eliminate excess fluid in the body. Although there are many athletes who use it, the majority of users are bodybuilders competitors.

Bodybuilders do not take this substance all year round, but only a day or two before a competition to get rid of excess water.

The oral version of the compound is the most popular with bodybuilders, but some athletes use the injection version on the morning of the competition. However, you must know how to use it well, because muscles can shrink and vascularization will then be lost.

The exact doses with diuretics vary from one individual to another. The athlete, in this case, must find the right amount. The right strategy is to start with a dose of 10 to 20 mg. Tolerance levels should then be assessed from this basis.

- Dizziness
- Cramps
- Vomiting

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