Masteron E 1Vial - 10ml [200mg / 1ml] - Hilma
Masteron E 1Vial - 10ml [200mg / 1ml] - Hilma
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Get Masteron E 1Vial - 10ml [200mg / 1ml] - Hilma Biocare
Box of 10ml , 200mg / ml. Total 2000mg Masteron E

Description The course of drugs is shown only to healthy adults have no health problems. We recommend that before you start taking the drug undergo a medical examination to determine any contraindications regarding its reception. The product due to its composition can also combine and combine with many anabolic today known. Due to its properties, which can easily be combined with medications like Winstrol and oxandrolone. Don't forget the presence in their diets for sports complexes date and nutrition sports, rich in proteins, mainly.

Use/Dosing According to the manufacturers, the dose of the drug to bodybuilders healthy adults is approximately 400-500 mg per week. Pay attention to the fact of that the increase of the dose of the drug that did not result in an improvement of the effects of taking it, but will only lead to an increased risk of side effects. Of course, as in any other case, any anabolic dose depends on many factors, including physiological characteristics of an athlete. So that for beginners can be reduced somewhat.

Risks/Side Effects This drug has a lower rate of anabolic, so while you have good fat burning properties, however, can increase the risk of side effects of androgenic, know, acne, baldness, prostatic hypertrophy. Women taking the drug may cause virilization symptoms. A good positive aspect of this drug are its properties do not cause water retention in the body. It also has a relatively low toxicity for the liver and the human kidneys.

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