CHORIOMON 1Vial [5000 IU/Vial] - IBSA
CHORIOMON 1Vial [5000 IU/Vial] - IBSA
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Get CHORIOMON 1Vial [5000 IU/Vial] - IBSA
Box of Vials , 5000iu / Vial. Total 5000iu CHORIOMON

Choriomon (HCG) ? is a gonadotropic hormone that is released in the form of injections. This drug boosts the sex hormone synthesis in the testicles. Therefore, HCG effects are close to the testosterone characteristic. It promotes spermatogenesis, enhances the genital organs development and also has the influence on secondary sexual characteristics.

Women get another effect from HCG intake. The progesterone production by the yellow body improves, causes ovulation, and moreover contribute the placental development.

Choriomon helps to increase the muscle mass and also promotes weight loss. Sometimes, it is used as the part of PCT. By the way, it is very important to add gonadotropin during a cycle with anabolic steroids in order to prevent the side effect in the form of testicular atrophy.

HCG intake can reduce some unpleasant side effects of AAS and also keep the increased muscle mass. It is recommended to add Choriomon if a steroid cycle duration is more than 6 weeks or the used dosages are too high.

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